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Every bride ( and groom ) wants to look amazing on their big day and with this in mind I have put together my "top tips" to make sure you get the most out your photographs,let's face it you will be looking back on these for years to come, you'll probably post loads on Social Media and maybe have your favourites in a fantastic album or story book to show friends and family.

Not all wedding venues are blessed with glorious natural light for your photographer to work with. You might want to go with lots of candles or a tipi wedding and whilst they look a-ma-zing they play havoc with what us photographers call "white balance" by giving everything .. and I really DO mean everything, including you and your guests a weird orange look. Whilst this can be corrected in the editing of your photographs as regards the decor etc when it comes to skin tones it can get rather tricky ! With all this in mind I have put together my Top Five Tips to help you look absolutely awesome.

Top tip number one ~ Less Is More !

Don't overdo the tanning ! If you're not keen on the "pale English rose" look and you would prefer to have a more sunkissed look on your big day then fine, go ahead but I would strongly advise against going all out for the tropical tanned look be that a sun bed tan or fake bake.Remember, your bridal gown is likely to be either ivory or white so your natural skin tone is going to appear darker against it and whilst in post production editing I can remove the odd blemish or spot I will not be able to do anything about tan lines, orange/brown knuckles and elbows or streaky fake tan !

Top tip number two ~ Face The Day

Book yourself a professional make up artist (MUA). These girls are an absolute god send, they have loads of experience in making brides look naturally awesome on the day, they work at venues all over the country and are familiar with lots of different lighting situations and so know just how much or how little make up to apply. They know the tricks to give you cheekbones to die for without giving you brown streaks from your ears to your mouth topped with bright shiny stripes beneath your eyes and up to your temples !!! They know how to shade your nose and under your chin for the sleek look and they know just how to make your eyes smoulder without looking like you've gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson ! They also work their magic in an unhurried,calm way because they are the experts, leaving you to relax and enjoy the experience without the worry of having to get it perfect within the time constraints that a wedding imparts.

Some brides say they want to use their own make up rather than the brands that an MUA would use. That's fine ! I'm sure most MUAs would be more than happy to use your own brand. Some brides really don't want to use or can afford to use a professional on the day and if this is you then I would strongly advise you to get some lessons in how to apply bridal make up so you know exactly how to make the most of your features whilst keeping it natural and glowing. Whilst I have no affiliation with any MUA, these are some useful links Sammie Warburton : LouMac.MUA : NicolaJane Makeup ArtistLeanne Jackson : Sonara Parkeryour wedding venue/planner may be able to suggest one that they have had experience with. If a professional MUA is not within your budget there are literally hundreds of tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest for you to look at. Check out the link below too for some valuable tips on which make up to apply to help you avoid the dreaded "flashback" ~ a phenomenon caused by SPF factors in some foundations,concealers and tinted moisturisers. Huda Beauty | Makeup Tips & search "The Makeup Mistake You Don't Know You're Making"

Top tip number three ~ Pamper Your Mitts

This tip applies to grooms as well as brides...

Your hands will more than likely feature quite a lot in your photographs so avoid the dry scaly look and lavish your hands with lashings of moisturiser in the run up to your wedding ... don't forget to rub plenty into your cuticles too !

Top tip number four ~ Best Foot Forward (& backward)

Your formal photographs, should you choose to have them, should look just as relaxed and fun as the documentary ones, none of the stiff and starchy poker straight variety with rigid backs and locked knees !

Balance is the key.

Practise standing with one foot slightly behind the other, keeping your weight on your back foot will help with a more natural pose and also guard against that feeling of almost teetering over ... specially if you're wearing heels on soft ground.

Top tip number five ~ Smile aaannd Relax - groom's too !

But check your teeth first ..... the old "spinach between the gnashers look" is really not a good one.

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